January 20, 2016

How to use your phone to control the Samsung Galaxy View tablet

The Galaxy View tablet is the biggest tablet from Samsung clocking in a 18.4". It is meant to be a portable screen to be used around your living space. The tablet comes with a built in stand, so you are not always going to be sitting directly in front of it. 

Samsung has released the Galaxy View Remote app that allows you to control the screen from across the room. Simply download the Galaxy View Remote app from the Play Store to get started.

Once you have opened the app on your Samsung phone turn on the Bluetooth settings on your Galaxy View. This will allow the View to show up on your phone. You select the device and type in the pin code and you are ready to go. 

The app allows you to use your phone like a mouse, control the volume, home button, recent apps button, and much more. Check out the video above to see this awesome app in action.

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January 14, 2016

How to remove Picasa album from Samsung gallery

In this video I explain how to remove the Picasa album from you Samsung phone's Gallery.

When first adding your Gmail account to you Samsung device it asks permissions to have access to the Gallery. This then allows for the Picasa album to show up. To remove this you need to go into the Account settings on your phone and de-select Picasa Web Albums. Once this is done it will stop syncing but in order to remove folder you need to go into the Application Manager and Clear the Data on the Gallery app and then the album will be removed.

To continue to see these photos download the Google Photos app from the Play Store.

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