January 30, 2015

How to remove My Magazine on the Galaxy S5, Note 3 and Note 4

For years Samsung has been teamed up with Flipboard to pre-install the application on phones. Flipboard allows for you to quickly choose categories of interest that you can quickly scroll through to get updates. On the Galaxy S5 and Note 4 you can open My Magazine by swiping right from the furthest left home page. On the Note 3 you can get to this by swiping up from the bottom on your home screen. It also has a setting that if you press the home button while on the main screen it will also open up My Magazine.

If you are not a fan of My Magazine you can easily remove it. Watch the video or see my step by step instructions below.

1. Go to the home screen.
2. Use two fingers and pinch them together on the screen or hold down on the recent apps button.
3. Select Home screen settings.
4. Uncheck Flipboard.

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